We are the event agency eXcite

- We integrate

- We motivate

- We support B2B, B2C, B2E

- We create F2B (fun to businnes)

- We create new trends

We generate positive emotion

We excite and we do it well

9 years of experience

Our adventure and our mission began in 2007. We wanted to generate positive emotions, create priceless memories and organize amazing events, so it remains today.

341 accomplishments

We have completed more than 300 events achieving a 100% satisfaction rate and more than 300 satisfied customers. Because of your satisfaction and positive memories, we have personal success.

164 locations

We offer up to 164 unique and proven eXcite positive energy places.

43 scenarios

We have developed more than 40 exciting scenarios. We are open to new ideas and we will do our best to meet even the most demanding challenges.

The emotions we have generated

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They trusted us: