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We are an eXcite event agency.

  • We integrate
  • We motivate
  • We organize
  • We support B2B, B2C, B2E
  • We create F2B
  • We create trends
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The emotions that we generated

Integration in another dimension

IDEA Leasing

Foreign integration and motivation trips for groups of over 200 people are special tasks for us – which we like the most! We invited the team of Idea Leasing  to Prague where we organized an exciting city game, Casino Royal. This is our original scenario for large groups, which we implement in the capitals of Europe.

Integration in another dimension

Profit Development

In 2016 we had the pleasure to organize the opening of a new wind tunnel in Lower Silesia with our regular customer and guest of honor, Profit Development Company SA.

Incentive trip abroad


Our last trip to Africa we organized for  the company Marcopol. This was our fifth trip to Kilimanjaro successfully completed. We are ready to reach the summit with the next group of challengers!

Business relationship support


For several years we have successfully supported our clients company FORTUM in their regular meetings organized in various places in Poland in order to optimize cooperation with partners from the heating industry. The effect is achieved through discussion, education and positive energy created between the organizations and participants.

The ceremony of laying the foundation stone

Chasiss Breakes

Chasiss breakes, a subsidary of Bosch, benefited from our experience and asked us in October 2012 to organize the ceremony of signing the act of foundation and placing the foundation stone for the construction of a new factory in Mirkow.

Family company picnic


The Bosch family picnic is an annual event which aims, in addition to good fun, to show the families of employees where and how they perform daily duties their loved ones. Bosch is open to our most crazy and creative event scenarios.

Winter integration trip


Every season is good for integration. Also during winter we are working for you for 101%. As shown in the attached photos – team Alstom integrated perfectly during our proprietary Winter Olympics in Rzeczka in Lower Silesia.

Picnic company

VB Leasing

112 participants and 112 smiling faces is the result of our picnic which we organized in Wroclaw for the VB leasing company.

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